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What are the benefits of OLED displays? let's see

The OLED display is an organic, self-luminous diode. It is different from the LCD display. The LCD needs to rely on the back light source to emit light. Therefore, the OLED display is thinner than the LCD display. The OLED display consists of red, green, Blue is a mixture of three different light materials, so its color is more vivid and rich.

What are the benefits of OLED display?

OLED display adopts full color panel type

OLED displays usually use RGB pixels to emit light independently, light color conversion and color filter film

RGB pixels use self-illumination to adopt the most color modes, and use precise metal shadow masks and CCD pixel alignment technology to make three-color OLED elements emit light independently to form one pixel.

Light color conversion is based on blue OLED combined with a light color conversion film array. First, a device that emits blue OLED is prepared, and then its blue light is used to excite the light color conversion material to obtain red and green light, thereby obtaining full color. corning ces 2024 The key to this technology is to improve the color purity and efficiency of light color conversion materials.

1.oled display effect

The biggest advantage of the OLED display comes from self-illumination. The advantage of this self-illumination is that it can reduce the height of some pixels to 0 to achieve absolute darkness. This can make the OLED display more black and white,oled panel manufacturers and the picture more realistic and vivid. Since the OLED display is self-luminous, its wavelength is closer to natural light and less harmful to the human eye. OLED display graphics are more colorful.

The OLED display screen uses materials with the lowest possible work function as the cathode, and the lower the work function, the higher the luminous brightness.

OLED displays use organic small molecules as luminescent materials. They have a wide range of choices, are easy to purify, and have high quantum efficiency. They can produce legal peaks of various colors of red, yellow, blue, and green lights. The emission peaks they produce are as narrow as possible, so that good results will be obtained. Pure color, better contrast and almost infinitely high contrast.

2.OLED display screen saves more power

OLED displays are more power-efficient than LCD displays due to their self-luminous properties.

3.OLED has fast response speed

The response speed of OLED is much higher than that of other displays. This is mainly due to its self-luminous property, which can directly control the light and dark changes of pixels. In terms of the expressiveness of dynamic pictures, OLED displays have great advantages.

4.OLED screen can be creative

The OLED screen has a feature that other display screens do not have, which is its flexible display. The OLED display screen can be made into a curved display screen to adapt to different environments.

5.OLED display is thinner

Combining the OLED display does not require backlight support, so the LCD and backlight modules are omitted. The structure is quite simple, and the body can naturally be extremely thin, which is 1/3 of the traditional display. The display can be extremely ultra-thin. It can be as thin as 1mm, and this function is unmatched by other displays.

6.OLED display has wider viewing angle

The OLED display has a 180° wide angle and can achieve a borderless, fully transparent large-screen display.


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